Wednesday, October 20, 2010

iPad for photographers

The newest issue of Amateur Photographer has a good article by an Andy Rouse about how the iPad is excellent for showing portfolios for artists or photographers. This is brave, since AP's readership is by and large quite conservative.
I wrote them this letter as resonse:
My compliments to Andy Rouse for coming down squarely on the side of the iPad.
For anybody who might think that “that silly toy” is of no interest to them, let me suggest this:
1: Like Andy says, it’s perfect for showing portfolios.
2: You can carry all your camera manuals in PDF form (searchable) on the iPad.
3: You can carry dozens of photo books on it too.
4: And any other reading material you might need while waiting for the light or the train. Heck, even movies and TV shows.
5: More and more software is coming for image-manipulation on the iPad. How good it is or will become is a big question in itself though.
6: It is an easy way to share images, on a blog, or via the free Dropbox service, even when away from your home computer.
7: unlike a laptop, battery life really is a full day. I once ran mine continually for over 15 hours!
8: It’s ideal for backups and for quick reviews of your photos on the road without carrying a six-pound laptop.
9: it’s also very good for writing anything  and for keeping up with your email. (Some will want an external keyboard like Apple’s very light and compact one, while others are very happy with the screen keyboard.)

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Anonymous said...

You must be a very good one-handed typist, because I know you were beating off while you wrote that!