Friday, October 22, 2010

A happy little comment

[My twin Leonard Lightfoot weighs in for a mo.]

Oh, Darlings, isn’t the 11-inch Airbook just to die for? Eleven inches, one kilo, just the thing I’ve been wanting to stick in my backpack. I just hope it'll fit! Tee-hee! I am sure just fingering its smooth surface will be pure delight.

But, oh my, couldn't they have selected a new wallpaper by now? I know it's the signature of the sexy "Snow Leopard" system, but really, the purple thingie by now is so... 2009. The hardware is to die for, sure, but to die in last year's fashion is not something a gentleman wants!


surrank said...

Leo, wasn't it enough that they have named the next version of the operating system after you? I spoke to Steve, and he says he will see what you can do about a new desktop picture when Lion ships. He also mentioned that you should be changing the default to mid grey if you are serious about photography.

eolake said...

Oooh, you picked up on the name thing! I must admit, while I try to appear blasé about it, inside I'm tickled pink. What an honor!

Grey... mmm, that's more Eolake's domain. I like color, the more the better. Perhaps I can stretch it to an old, grey lion... ?

Oh, and if Apple was serious about photography (Eolake butts in), they should get rid of that handful of silly colors (including *two* useful greys) one can select as full-color background, and instead just give us the whole spectrum to choose from. How hard could that be? they already do it for the background for an image.

Monsieur Beep! said...

lovely little cutie, 11/11/11.