Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bic M10

I have just ordered some Bic M10 ballpoint pens. Man, I have used many of these in my life.

It's funny to me that one of the cheapest pens on the market is also (to my taste) one of the best. I have tried a lot of different pens in many price classes, and I've found nothing which writes smoother and more pleasant than this bulk item. (Not to be confused with other Bic pens.)

I suspect it's because almost all other pens, for lord-knows-what-reason, have too small points. They dig into the paper and makes the writing less smooth. But this one is a pleasure to use.

I prefer the black and red ones. I have even used them for drawing. The black is pure, deep black, and the red is pure, deep red, like blood. Other red pens tend to have a too light, too orange-ish color.

About ballpoint pens: If not used for a while, they can block from dried ink. A good tip is to warm the tip (uh) with a lighter, that softens the ink.


Ray said...

Question Everything:

Do they bleed and need to be wiped off periodically, like a lot of others do?

Have you tried the 'Pilot' V7 'Hi-Tecpoint' with a visible liquid ink supply?

Mikko J. Kalavainen said...

Excellent find, I'm in the process of finding a replacement for my 10-year relationship with the Ballograf Rondo. So far the Pilot G2 has caught my eye. I wonder if these are available in Finland?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

You can get them on eBay.

(I haven't tried the V7.)

The M10 does not bleed, the ink is thickish, almost a paste.

If not used for a while, they can block. A good tip is to warm the tip (uh) with a lighter, that softens the ink.

Ray said...

"A good tip is to warm the tip (uh) with a lighter, that softens the ink."

Holding it under the hot water tap
works too, and no danger of melting it. If the metal point gets too hot, it will come out of its plastic tube.

ellatint said...

STAEDTLER stick 430 M

Capped (why do you think other types develop skip and clog? the most you should ever need to do is breath on the ball--works for other makes, too) and airplane-safe (that might just be the hole drilled in the barrel).

I have owned a Montblanc (OK I found it) but gave it away in preference for the 430M even though the Montblanc refills are only $7 each to put in a fancy holder.

The 430M does require a short running in period that doesn't take long, and the line, handling, and smoothness will last to the ink runs out. I seem to remember swapping tips once when I had a particularly fine point specimen.

Miserere said...

My pen of choice, the lowly Bic Cristal.

I tried many other more expensive options, but I always came back to the Bic Crystal. Used it all through high school and 10 years at university; I write a lot less now but that just means each pen lasts longer :-) Blue is my colour of choice.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks, I'll try these.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I got the Crystal Gel ones today. They are quite nice. Especially considering I got them even cheaper than the M10s!