Friday, July 02, 2010

"What it's like to own an Apple product"

[Thanks to Jan]

"What it's like to own an Apple product", cartoon.

Quite funny.
It must be very exhausting to have that kind of attitude to your product ownership.

By the way, I bought an Apple "bumper" case for my iPh4. But I took it off again. It only protects the steel parts, the parts which don't need it. And it ruins the beautiful look of the phone.
But I did get a Zagg film for both sides. It protects the glass nicely against fingerprints and scratching, and gives it a bit of traction so it's less likely to slide around and fall off tables.


Robb in Houston said...

Quite funny? If the cartoon had colors in it, maybe a 3 year old would laugh.

Maybe. (But, mommy, didn't they have crayons back then?)

eolake said...

Well, I do agree, it's sort of wasteful to not have color, when everybody has color screens.
But then good color is harder to do.

Anonymous said...

Black and white is beyond Robb's primitive caveman intellect. He can't even conceive of any reason why it might be preferable in some cases for artistic reasons. I guess you can't either. That's really sad.

eolake said...

Not really, I have made and bought many, many photos and drawings in BW. In fact on the wall right in front of me is a big framed print of a BW photo.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Not to mention the photo you're using as an AVATAR! (© James Cameron)

F.A.R.T. (Flaming Anonymous Resident Troll) said...

The comments on this thread are really having a hard time taking off.

That cartoon deserved way better.