Tuesday, July 20, 2010

google background

I don't know how long it's been, but I just noticed that now you can put a background page for Google. I uploaded one of the wallpaper photos I found recently. Look how handsome:

(To do it, click on the link in the lower left of the page.)

... I had to try with one of my own, of course:


DeltaCubed said...

It's not been that long: Freeze frame!

I've been using this one since Google announced the feature, but just switched to one of my own images (we live about an hour drive from the Grand Canyon.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Both nice.
Funny, I tried to use one of my own which was a sunrise picture with colors similar to yours there. But Google kept refusing my uploading, so I ended up using a pic of mine from Picasa. (How the hell I got pictures in Picasa, I don't know. I don't recall ever using it.)

Ray said...

@ DeltaCubed -

Nice pictures - thanks for sharing!

@ Eolake -

How you got pictures in Picasa:-

When it's first installed, it will automatically scan your whole drive for images, and organize those into albums in its own program.

To clear its selected albums, go into its Tools -> Options -> Folder Manager, and uncheck items on its (expandable) sections list.

Once you uncheck those, they will not be shown in Picasa's active index again until you go back into Folder Manager and select them again to make them "watched folders". Removing (or unchecking) albums on Picasa's index list will not delete them from your drive.
To delete an image from your drive
from within Picasa, you have to right-click on it, and then choose "Delete from disk".

Marcelo Metayer said...

Eolake, this is "mi Google". http://ow.ly/i/2JDf

It's a nice feature.

aimat said...

Looks like my claim to the title of Last Person in the Universe to Know Anything may be in jeopardy.

So when did Google introduce the new way of handing image search results. Awesome (and I use that word sparingly)! Surely it can't be a response to the email I sent them detailing my wish list item by item? Everything I asked for is in there. Surely not? Sigh. Thought not.

For me (you do whatever you want--I am all for choice, no hauteur intended) backgrounds on a search engine page are just fluff, but this new multipaged with popups implementation is a huge productivity gain.

So is my title safe? Has it been like this for weeks? Months even? How come I never noticed? I thought I used image search every day. Back when page backgrounds were introduced, I had to endure a Google rollout, but my partner did not. Are Google doing this sort of thing selectively?

DeltaCubed said...

Your LPitUtKA title is probably safe, the new image features have only been out since July 8th, according to this.

You're welcome.

You can't upload images from your computer, they must be on the web somewhere to be inserted into a signature block. At least for now.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

But I did it twice from my computer. (Only they didn't happen to be some that I'd taken myself.)

DeltaCubed said...

I just checked again, and the controls to upload from your computer are not in the window anymore. Only the web url box is there.