Saturday, January 23, 2010

Portraits of John (updated)

John A is a retired university lecturer, a scholar in history and Christianity, former bike racer, and hobby photographer.


I'm very pleased with these, especially since I've barely ever done that kind of thing before. And I'm looking forward to more people work.

Canon 5D2, 85mm F:1.2. Canon flash with Lightsphere diffuser, dialed down 1.5 stop to let ambient light dominate.

Update: Some people, apparently including David Hobby of Strobist, claim that handheld flash-softeners like the LightSphere are useless. I think this is a stupid claim, as these pictures support. Sure, they have their limits,
but I'd really like to know which technique does not. OK, an off-camera flash system can do many more things, but it's more expensive, slower, clumsier, and sometimes simply not practical.


Philocalist said...

Noticed the DoF and was wondering, until I saw the lens used. Nice one, innit?:-)
(Just don't lose the hood ... I've bought lenses that cost me less!)

ttl said...

2 and 3 are excellent.

eolake said...

P; *really* nice one.

TTL, yes, no 2 may be my fave, I even made a print last night. It's also the technically most complex (though not *very* complex), the face is desaturated, the green poster is saturated a little.

John is not a fierce man, temper-wise, but he does have a very sharp mind, which I think shows through.

eolake said...

BTW, no 3 also was a bit of work: the door actually are that color, but it did not show in this picture, so I had to "paint" it! :-)

TC [Girl] said...

Nice bokeh in these, Eo. I like no. 2 the best. :-)

Nice to see you, John. :-) Wondering how that shoulder of yours is doing; and...if you have started a photo-sharing site?

eolake said...

I doubt if he did, he could compete with Flickr and Picasa. :-)

I normally prefer compact lenses, but I got this, very heavy, lens particularly for the outstanding bokeh it can deliver, both in terms of the "amount" of blur and the soft character of it.

Hannah said...

Wish I lived closer, otherwise I'd offer myself as a subject.