Monday, September 28, 2009

Olympus, praise the little differences

I once talked about how interesting it is how very different two women can be, and yet both be very beautiful. The same goes, I think, for cameras... (for those who are not familiar with them, not only do they look very different, but the Nikon was/is big, and the Olympus amazingly compact.)

... And apropos both Olympus and women, here is a funny ad. Something like this could only happen in the early seventies, the same time we had naked ballet in the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen.


RCMEDIA said...

Regarding the Nikon F vs the Olympus OM1:

Firstly: more AP and UPI and other memorable images were created with the F than the OM1.

Secondly: the 'timing' the ad speaks of refers to the agility and skill and supreme knowledge of the camera system on the part of the photographer.

Has zero to do with the hardware, rather only the 'software' installed in the mind of the photographer. That, coupled with talent and understanding of craft and technical expertise, results in the creation of an image that a picky TIME or FORTUNE or LIFE magazine editor will entertain for publication.

Anonymous said...

This is why naked Olympics is a bad idea.