Thursday, June 18, 2009

E-P1 picture samples

More Olympus E-P1 picture samples.
I'd call 1600 ISO mission-critical quality, something you certainly can't say for any small-sensor camera.
And the 17mm lens (34mm equivalent)... look at the full opening (F:2.8) samples. That is damn sharp for full opening! And a super-compact lens too. Well done, Oly.

Update: sadly, according to early reports it seems autofocus speed is not quite as exemplary as that of the Panasonic G1. If true, this is a shame, for it's pretty important for candid photography use, which this camera would otherwise be ideal for.
Related report. (Use of Panasonic M4/3 lenses is an interesting thought. Their long zoom is nicely compact, for example. And I think they should be fully compatible.)

Update: another good article. Also this one.


Patrick said...

It is pretty sweet to see this thing coming together so well...though I'm sad about there not being a solid black model :)

Eolake S said...

That's still not confirmed.

I regret the low-rez screen, a little bit disappointing.

Eolake S said...

(Damn, why am I suddenly being asked for captcha every time, on my own blog?)

Royce said...

Once again - as on many photography blogs, we're discussing equipment and technology. Yes of course, you had the money to spend on a better camera than I did - but my images are better. You shoot 1000 pictures at an event and then win an award for a 'jolly fantastic shot', where I use my knowledge of camera technique and intuition to get the best image I can. For example, that is.

Composition, design, knowledge of lighting, color, B&W, filters, contrast and many other aspects of photography have been hammered into nothing - because the public will accept anything.

Most annoying are the images shot with the subject diagonally crossing the frame, instead of keep the horizon level. This 'collapsed tripod' trick is supposedly to 'make more use of the frame' - but simply put, it's crappy composition - and on purpose.

Give someone a Pentax K1000 with Kodak Tri-X, take the meter battery out, and THEN see how many images come out on the 36 exposure roll!

I remember when it was a photographic crime to include lens flares in an image, unless you were shooting an ad for a photographic lens...

Let's see some images and discuss lighting and composition - and eye direction in the image - that'll be discussion about photography.

All this nitpicking about who's lens focuses faster is insane. Try focusing a lens BY YOUR FREEKING SELF and see if you get the shot!

Eolake S said...

I often post about pictures, but I like the tech too.

Good autofocus is faster than me. Really good and fast autofocus can make a shot succeed, with moving subjects.

emptyspaces said...

Hey, Royce, is a picture always better if it was difficult to take?