Friday, May 22, 2009

Live the active liefestyle you always wanted with Acai Berry

From my email:
"{SPAM?} live the active liefestyle you always wanted with Acai Berry"

Why did nobody tell me before? I've always wanted to globetrotting, skiing, scubadiving with dolphins, climbing the Himaleyas, partying with the jet set, and racing Lamborghinis through the Andes. And all it ever took was some berries I'm missing?

(Note: for some reason my mail server has labeled this important message as spam, I'm going to complain.)


Leviathud said...

I didn't want any lifestyle with Acai Berry. I wanted a lifestyle with gorgeous fun redheads.

The berries, they do nothing.

eolake said...

Damn, and here I just kicked out the fun redheads I had around. I'll go cancel the berry order.

Leviathud said...

Whoa! I'll trade you my acai berries (or any other berries that I have access to) for your fun redheads.

eolake said...

Well, let's see if they'll come back first, I had to treat them a little rough to get them out.

Leviathud said...

I wish I had your problems.


eolake said...

Seems everybody does. Gil Bates keeps trying to buy them, but I say he doesn't have near enough.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Damn right you should file a complaint. Such paranoid filters SO hurt the worldwide e-business in these days of international crisis.

Being the ever-reliable friend that I am, it's only natural that I offer my help. If you need to promise those redheads another place to crash at before they agree to leave... I've got plenty of room at home, you can give 'em my address.
No, no, no need to thank me. Really. It's my pleasure to help out.

I insist.