Sunday, March 08, 2009

New depressant drug (updated)

Top Cat found this excellent Onion video, describing a new drug to help annoyingly chipper people.

There's also this dis of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I just watched her in the early movie House Arrest. Gawd, was she pretty.

One thing I like about Onion stories is that they often make a good point while being entertaining. Take for instance this "probably raped" story.

Aniko said:
The video video with the depressant drug is sooo fun! :-)
Tell me, this Onion is a site with only fake news? They have pretty high technology, could you tell something about it? Do you know how it is sponsored?

It is only fake news, yes. With text they've been going for over ten years. The newsreports do indeed look at least as impressive as the big TV channels' news shows. I don't know how they do it or how much it costs, I was just wondering myself.

The Onion's site does not seem to have an About page, but there's a wiki page.


Aniko said...

I wanted to open the video on the Onion, it wanted me to download Adobe flashplayer. Is it safe?

eolake said...

I'd think so.
But see if it doesn't play anyway, that happens.

Aniko said...


Aniko said...

The video with the depressant drug is sooo fun! :-)

Tell me, this Onion is a site with only fake news? They have pretty high technology, could you tell something about it? Do you know how it is sponsored?

Monsieur Beep said...

Now w h e r e did you find the term "chipper"? Never heard this before, during all my life.

If I'm asked to download the latest version of a programme in order to see something, I find this uncool. And just click away from the stuff.
Did you hear me, IT - people?
I don't always buy a new pot before I cook a meal.

Aniko, could you please comment more often - I love your thumbnailie!! And also your style!~

:-)) DOM

eolake said...

"Now w h e r e did you find the term "chipper"?"

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (1986). Batman was half-slaughtered the day before, but gets up to fight another day, looking like grim death, and Alfred says: "My, aren't we looking chipper."

Monsieur Beep said...

Thanks for explaining, Eo.

This is in fact something which I come across very often when reading English texts: new words I've never heard before.

It's different with other languages.
But English is said to have the largest vocabulary list of all.

But then: constant learning will keep the brain fresh, as you can find confirmed in the latest issue of "Scientific American".
In a nutshell, the article says: drink blueberry juice (for producing new neurons), and keep trying hard (!!) to learn something new, the more brainwork is needed the better. This will wire the new neurons into the network and keep the brain young.

I think it works, as far as I am concerned. The blueberry juice is quite expensive though.

eolake said...

"The blueberry juice is quite expensive though."


I'll try it.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

"Are the video subjects available as written articles?"
Whined the guy from Lebanon stuck in electronic prehistory with his slow dial-up.

Your own thumbnailie is quite sexy, you know. :-)

and Alfred says: "My, aren't we looking chipper."
Ah, Alfred. The most underrated supporting character in TV-adapted superheroic comicdom.

Michael Caine sure brought formidable personality to the character and the whole new movie series, didn't he?
I love that guy.
He makes me feel chip.
Note to self : watch that latest Batman movie DVD already!

"But English is said to have the largest vocabulary list of all."
Not sure at all, matey.
I myself am extremely accustomed to French slang, and yet I keep discovering tons of new terms. Try finding english articles on Pierre Perret, who literally published a French slang dictionary.
Frederic Dard did the same.
If I started using literal translation of french slang, you'd savvy what slab, completely jettisoned, peepers in lottery balls, my poles.
(You wouldn't get a blasted word, utterly left behind, making goo-goo eyes in disbelief, buddies.)
But I'll go tender-o on my friendinches, cause I'm an extra bloke, a guy "like that", who puts up like a beast. :-)

Oops... now I dread I might have inspired Eo to go Danish slang in English langue, all Viking on us victims, vernacular berzerk on us victimular blokes.
Right, ViktimulÄr? Now put down that axe... slowly... that's good. The rock concert isn't until next Wednesday. (ViktimulÄr really sings like a choral of avalanching rocks.)

"drink blueberry juice (for producing new neurons)"
It seems that pomegranate juice concentrate, called in Lebanon dibs al-remman, is very efficient in lowering blood cholesterol. Recent international study. One spoonful a day is enough. :-)
Quite inexpensive in national supermarkets, too. It's like unsweetened fruit syrup, nothing more, you can find it everywhere.

eolake said...

The Dark Knight movie is outstanding. Perhaps deserving of waiting until you have blu-ray, if you don't.

btw, it's not chip, it's chipper:

Very brisk, alert, and full of high spirits: animated, bouncy, dashing, high-spirited, lively, pert, spirited, vivacious. Informal peppy. Idioms: bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, full of life. See action/inaction.
Being in or showing good spirits: bright, cheerful, cheery, happy, lighthearted, sunny."

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Yup, that's Batman in a nutshell awright. :-D

Before I consider "waiting for blu-ray", maybe I'll wait until I have an HD TV at home, yes? ;-)

You keep forgetting who you're talking to.
I think I can hear an echo when you reply, from the sound lag with my dial-up connection. Like those reporters commenting live with a sound feedback from incorrect technical settings...

Getting video entertainment equipment with crisp image and life-realistic surround sound isn't exactly our priority at the moment.
Let's first wait to see whether civil war breaks up again at the June elections. "You decadent Westerrrnerrrs make me laugh so, with yourrr prrreoccupations."

eolake said...

OK, here's a target for you:

1: Move to Bolton in 2009.

2: Come around Eolake's a lot, mooching off his HD TV.

Chris S. said...

The Onion actually put out a full length movie a year or two back called (!) "The Onion". It had some amusing bits and was ok for a throwaway laugh.

Aniko said...

Saw a documentary where the big famous enterprise producing expensive wine was actually also producing (not under his lable) the cheep supermarket-wine. So they were getting the different layers of the market.

For the Onion, their high technical resources made me wonder is for example CNN is doing it. That would get them another part of the market, and somehow also control the media critique of CNN, making funny, but not really serious critiques of what's going on in the media.

eolake said...

I don't think CNN would do it.

I think there are many graphics houses which can do the fancy graphics. You just need a Mac and a skilled operator.
What makes it more amazing is all the excellent actors, and the locations and props. That's not cheap.

Joe Dick said...

Not sure at all, matey.

Be sure. Closely followed by German. I'd be surprised if English actually more words for things - it's more like a lot of words that really mean the same thing.

As for the new Batman movies, as much as I like Michael Caine I would have liked a more upper class, Jeeves-like accent.

I really dug Batman's motorcycle, though. Real. Boss.

eolake said...

I'm amazed it worked in reality. I wouldn't have thought you could turn it.

Though you could not have paid me enough to actually ride it with the fucking cape on. Suicidal.

Joe Dick said...

Though you could not have paid me enough to actually ride it with the fucking cape on. Suicidal.

Well...sane people don't usually become stuntmen! ;-)