Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wilson Phillips: Daniel

Best Elton cover ever?


Anonymous said...

Nice rendition. I was hoping it was a video of those hotties though. Colour me disappointed.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember which one, but one of those "hotties" used to be very heavy and lost a lot of weight. I admire her for first, being out there as a heavy woman (on VH1) and then losing all that weight.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

I think it's the dark one.

It must have been pressure, always being thought of as "the fat one".

Anonymous said...

Eo: "Best Elton cover ever?"

Difficult to know. I guess it might depend on the viewer's preference. I happen to like this song sung more acoustically by only one female or male (this one could go either way, yeah?). I looked for a couple of females...for your viewing *pleasure*...and found these two renditions:

Even though this young lady sings it rather fast, I think she has a very nice voice; does a really good job playing her guitar; and...she has a pretty face :-)

or...one such as this woman who also has a very nice, strong voice and does a nice job playing her guitar.

In the end, it might depend on your preference of voice, guitar playing style, and...looks? Or not. :-)

Craniac, hopefully this will help w/your desire for vid and...hopefully not *color* (I'm in the U.S.; we throw out the *u* over here! lol!) you more "disappointed" after watching these two vids. :-)

I'd look further but...I'm a gurl and...I would rather be looking for the sexy long-haired dudes *seranading potentials* (lol!) vids than at chicks! lol! There are a few more, I'm sure. These were the best I could find...so far. ;-)