Sunday, January 25, 2009

Melissa smile

Future Domai model (within two weeks). I post it here (slightly cropped since this is a SFW site) because I'm just head over heals with that smile.

(Funny koinkidink: as I started to do this, Lily Allen's "Smile" started playing in my iTunes app.)


Tommy said...

You know Eolake, I've been a long time subscriber to DOMAI and have wanted to mention something to you. But, you beat me to the punch. There is really something special, in my mind, when the models are smiling. They seem to radiate happiness and it sometimes gets me right out of the dulldrums.

The other non-smiling women(girls) are certainly no slouches, but that happy smile just adds so much to the image for the viewer (in my mind anyway).

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

You said it, Tommy!
It is so strange to me that I'm the only webmaster I know who empathizes this aspect. It's so important to me. Domai "sells" happiness as much as beauty or sexiness.

Steve said...

Yes, the smile can take a photo from "okay" to amazing! Seeing a pretty woman smile can bring about a sense of peace in me.

Anonymous said...

Everyone above has hit the nail on the head! I can't think of anything to add that would be a significant compliment to what all the gentlemen above have already pointed out. Am I being redundant??

Anonymous said...

I've said it before... it's the smile what does it! I may enjoy watching a sourpuss' body for a while, but the sets I come back to repeteadly are those of the smileys, say like Mascha, for example.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Just adorable.

But Steve, I'm in disagreement with you on one detail : the smile IS what makes a pretty woman pretty in the first place. Then she needs no other garment to adorn herself. :-)
While the "hottest" porn "star" could wiggle all she has right under my nose, if she's got a slutty or vulgar expression, a clenched frown, or those grimacing faces we all know too well, then she'd leave me stone cold. Even repelled.
My main, essential, paramount seduction attribute in a woman has always been a happy and natural face, radiating confidence and intelligent self-esteem, shining bright with feminine GRACE.

I can't help it: when all my guy classmates seemed obsessed with visually measuring every girl/woman's boobs and butt on the street, for as long as I can remember I was always far more focused on their face... and smile!

"Head over heels"? I know the expression is correct, but I would imagine it the other way round: heels over head. You know, like when a comics or cartoon character is knocked over so swiftly, that he's still in his standing position, but flipping upside-down in mid-air.
Yes, I can just imagine Eolake doing that motion when spotting a gorgeous feminine smile... :-)

"As much as beauty or sexiness"? Naah! I'd say more. True beauty comes from within. It is what gives SPIRIT to what would otherwise be a mere shell. Like, say, a car's body. With the wrong driver, the most popular car in the world becomes unpleasant. Same with a dress, a jewel... or a babe's body.

Is it my fault if I'm in love with women who are more than inflatable dolls? Well, OK, it IS my fault, can't honestly blame others for my shortcomings. Guess I'll have to learn and cope with the implications. ;-)

Fortunately, even though such "true" women aren't the majority, they are many out there in the world. And I'm bold enough to hope that my attitude would reciprocally attract one of them.

I wouldn't mind if she happens to have posed nude for Eolake's site. They also inspire respect from within, not from the artificial effect of some prudish attire.
It might be in part thanks to my professional training, but I can look a pretty naked young woman in the eyes while having casual conversation. Not to brag.
I can also look at the rest of her appreciatively, of course! If she doesn't mind.

Too many people I see around me making one of two equally tragic mistakes: either denying the sexual component of the other gender, or perceiving ONLY that specific component. Some people even deploy amazing efforts to make BOTH mistakes!
It's called neurotic denial.
Like beauty, it comes from within the person. Just.. not the same person, usually.

Anonymous said...

Aah - naturally wonderful!

There is a saying in German (probably there is something similar in other languages):

"A smile is the shortest bridge between two hearts."

Again and again in my life I have realized, that without a heart-connection I'm not much interested in any woman - and with heart-connection I'm much interested in every woman ... my fault :-))

And yes, it has implications I have to cope with ...

Or another saying:
"The eyes are the window of the soul."

Maybe also my fault - without a chance to look more deeply into the eyes of a woman, I'm only half-interested (or less). Which doesn't mean, that I'm not able simply adoring the frame of the body, but what is a frame without showing a beautiful picture? And what is a nice looking bottle of wine without smelling/tasting/drinking the wine? Just metaphors ...

Any division like body/mind/soul is sometimes a useful tool, but basically arbitrary and in a way meaningless.

@Pascal: It seems that I try to express basically the same like you do, just using different words. Anyway, it seems never enough.

I always wished to have more likeminded/likefeeling people (men AND women) around - as far as I can see, DOMAI is some magnetic force for people like that.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Yes, I can't resist Mascha either, I have totally over-bought on her.

Monsieur Beep! said...

This is not a forced smile, as you can tell from her eyes which are radiating with happiness and joy.

Pascal [P-04referent] said...

Yes, Beep, not like in the election of Miss Beauty Pageant. I hate that media circus.

@ Neeraj : yes, and yes. And of course it never feels enough. Or non-scenery poets would've been out of a job for centuries. :-)

Did you know that my Mom was once a very official beauty queen? She later got married and had one handsome devil of a son.
All strictly with natural spontaneous smiles, no preservatives, no chemical additives.