Monday, December 15, 2008

Plastic surgery out of control

Plastic surgery out of control. Warning: some of these pictures are really gross. OK, maybe not as bad as a severe traffic accident, but bad enough.
And what fascinates me is that typically these are people who consider it improvements and still go out in public! There seems to be a genuine type of addiction in play here.


Pascal [P-04referent] said...

What. Is. THAT ?!?

Michael Jackson finally found a way to bring all his buddies from Planet Zilkronn? The invasion has started! EEEK!!! Hide your children, board your windows, load your Nortons, take your bird flu shots!

These are the offspring of C'thulhu! To gaze upon them is insanity itself!!!!!!!!!!

Plastic surgery? More like plastic melting, sh'yaah! I should know, my fave weapon in the Army Men videogame series is Sarge's flamethrower.
This game is totally non-violent, you gotta love that. The flamethrower melts Tan soldiers into a puddle of plastic. Machine guns make chunks of plastic fly off instead of blood squirts. And a bazooka blast blows victims into completely un-gory pieces of smoking plastic.
Completely non-violent... unless the film of your life is called Toy Story! ;-)

Give me a day, and I'll send you a screen capture of the "super-hot beauty" that presents the programs on our national TV. Her siliconed cheeks are like blisters, as if she was assaulted by a couple of serial-stingers from the Hornet nation.

Jes said...

Jesus, Carrot Top looks like a freaking Batman villain or something.

eolake said...

I know.
I wouldn't have expected a comedian to fall into this particular trap.

Joe Dick said...

When it comes to Carrot Top I'd say his freakish, bodybuilder physique is worse than anything he's had done to his mug.

Johnnie Walker said...

I don't think Carrot Top's had any work done. If the two pictures were from the same angle he wouldn't look any different.