Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jobs not working

Steve Jobs and Apple pulls out of MacWorld expos.

I think it's a pity. Not only will I miss Steve's charismatic keynote speeches, but I think Apple will miss out on a ton of publicity by not doing those shows anymore.
Sure, they probably don't need the publicity, they seem to be able to get all the press they want at any time... but it's a matter of tone. Of saying to the Mac/Apple user community: "hey, we are fans ourselves, here we are, along with you". Pulling out may isolate them. Like any big company they are already hard to reach... tried to send an email to Apple (or MS or...) recently? Could you? Did you get an answer?
Any presence they do have is good.


Anonymous said...

I've never been to MacWorld, but it has been a mainstay and a gathering place for Mac-o-philes for 20 years. Without Apple there, it cannot survive.

I had a Macbook under extended warranty go bad this last summer. Three tries sending it via DHL before they fixed it (fan didn't turn on, overheating caused hard shutdown), but there was absolutely no communication problem.

Alex said...

I went to a MacWorld back in the day at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Turns out that year they filmed part of "The Net" there. "The Net" is a Sandra Bullock geeky re-imagining of "Six Days of the Condor" (Three days in the movie).

I seem to remember that Apple was not the main reason to go, I wanted to see a few of the other big and not so big players.

In those days I was using Think C under system 7, and needed to find a good installer tool (went for Stuffit in the end). Hey I used to be a BMUG member too, does that make me a geek? I think we were also on the point of buying our first few clones, and were running PowerMacs with a 386 daughter card too.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

"Hey I used to be a BMUG member too, does that make me a geek?"

If it doesn't, the LEGO avatars will clinch it. :-)