Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vancouver view

[I hope I'm not overwhelming y'all with all the posts in the past couple of days.]

This lovely Vancouver panorama was shot and spliced by Ray.

You want it is super-large version.


Anonymous said...

It would be quite a spectacular view, were it not for all those buildings. Cities really are pretty ugly.

Ray said...

Unfortunately, there aren't quite enough natural caves to go around these days, so Ug and Mug, our two intrepid cavemen, invented something called a 'city', filled with artificial caves, tents & crappers.

- Ray.

Alex said...

I think that Stanley Park is impressive, I mean, a forest right there at the edge of downtown.

I find the large City Parks, like Central Park in NY or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, to be very impressive. They fair humble Regents Park and the like.

One day I'll go to Canada.

Johnnie Walker said...

Shit, Ray, that was lame.