Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Preinstalling software

Oddly I don't find it on their web site yet, but I just got this email from Apple, telling me how I can buy a new Mac with extra Apple software pre-installed. (iWork, Final Cut, etc.)

I think this is a very inspired move by Apple, particularly since they sell lots of computers to folks like me who really prefer it if we don't have to get our hands dirty with the nitty gritty of how the machine works.

I've no doubt that the added sales they will get from this will very much outweigh the cost of the people installing it. (Preinstalled is the same price as if you buy and install the software yourself.)


Alex said...

If they have done their job properly the form you fill out to buy the package will generate a script which will run on a machine that builds your HD image, and your custom HD arrives on the production line just in time to be popped into your chassis.

I visited a car factory once. It was incredible. The vehicle in production was the Astra (MkIII I believe), the line was in Ellesmere Port. There, on the line, were Astra's, a right mix of them, hatch, Belmont (saloon), estate(wagon) and CDV (car derived van). You could see the engines coming down a feeder line, 1.1l, 1.8turbo, petrol, diesel. Heck, they even had Astramax CDV's and Opel Kadette Combis (the left hand drive equivalent) all on the same line). It was a wonder to see, no two adjacent cars were the same. One in 4 was a CDV in gas board livery, they really had it down pat. So the idea of custom HDD's arriving at the build bench in sequence is not beyond the realms...

Therefore, what cost in people?

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Interesting, thanks.