Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pentax K20D

There doesn't seem to be any professional reviews online yet, but I read a review of the new Pentax K20D in the big British mag Amateur Photographer, and surprisingly, it seems there's a possibility that this camera has the best high-ISO performance (lowest noise) of any current DSLR cameras with APS-sized sensors.

And this is despite the camera also having the highest pixel count of any of them, 14.6MP. It really doesn't matter if you have 12 or 14 megapixels, but makes it more remarkable that they've constrolled the noise so well.

I will wait until more sample images come available online, but from the small samples AP published and from what the reviewer said, this camera makes decent pictures even at 6400 ISO, something I had not expected from a camera with less than a full frame sensor, at least not this year. But I need to see more samples to be sure.

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Unknown said... has reviewed the K20D - there are some 100% crops of high iso shots in their gallery.

I got a chance to handle this camera's predecessor a few months ago, and was very impressed with its solid build, stabiliser, and selection of pancake lenses.