Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More from today

Update: Bert likes the carpet image like this:


Anonymous said...

Eolake, I don't know if photography is just a hobby to you or what - but this could be the basis for a portfolio and a great career in commercial photography!



eolake said...

That's very kind of you.

I've sometimes considered trying for a career, but it seems to me keeping it a hobby gives me a lot more freedom.

bert said...

New toy? This thing is going to kill the DP-1 even before it comes out. I like the idea of ISO 1600, if the noise is low enough.

Can't wait to see low-light samples, as well as some portraits - the emergency services guy doesn't count, even though his face is worth a million. Mind you, you probably were much better off staying away from that man... :-)

Truly nice shots. I'm a bit disappointed that the face recognition AF didn't find the fish's face though (just kidding, yet perhaps you should try the shot again, focused on the fish).

How do you rate the colors?

eolake said...

The colors seem perfect to me. (But I am not the most critical guy re colors.)

Odd about the fish, indeed. Perhaps the camera got caught in the grey wall and focused on infinity. First time I've had an off-focus. Still the image is OK to me.

For low light, search my blog for canon 960 and find the earliest post.

Mike said...

Watch out for that guy coming out of the bus station!

bert said...

Had a look at your earlier posts, from last fall. Happened in a period when I was so busy I barely had time to eat, missed it all then.

I love the image from the pub, the grainy look indeed reminds me of something we worked hard to achieve, not so long ago (well, doesn't feel that long, but I'd rather not think about it ;). Yet, it may be a little too much for many.

"The colors seem perfect to me. (But I am not the most critical guy re colors.)"

As long as you didn't have too many bad surprises. Used to be that some JPEG encoders had a rough time with some color combos.

I'm a bit disappointed that no RAW output is available. Like, how much trouble can it be to add the option in the firmware?

"Odd about the fish, indeed. Perhaps the camera got caught in the grey wall and focused on infinity. First time I've had an off-focus. Still the image is OK to me."

The image sure is OK. But if you look closely at the lower part of the image, you'll see why the AF missed. The fish is all curves, no high-frequency contents to lock on. But the tiny holes in the curtain below are ideal for focusing. This is a case where no automatic scheme on earth would work properly without a little guidance.

eolake said...

"I'm a bit disappointed that no RAW output is available."

Yeah. Not a big deal to me, but some demand it.
They added it to the G9 (compared to the G7). And that camera is slightly superior to this one, albeit in a larger body.

Alex said...

Does the tape help that carpet photo? I like the contrast of the gloss with the matte of the carpet. Thing is the ragged edge at the floor detracts a bit for my tastes.

I like the bus terminal, the yellow door frame, GM Buzz orange and safety yellow jackets. Enough to make one homesick.

Anonymous said...

Man this shit sucks. They're on the level of someone's tourist snapshots, but actually not quite because the photographer was trying to hard to be "artisic."

Anonymous said...

Dear Eolake,I left a comment and the blog program didn't publish it.So I do it again,about the last picture which attracts so much attention.I really regret that happened because it has taken all the spontaneity of my comment.I was saying about it,how suggestive it is,even some people are unified through a same kind of lucrative activity,outside it,each is on his own,and even some apparently have nothing to do,showing a grim look,they are fine world observer,noticing important things that others careless don't,he's a kind of artist,part of the salt of the world.Thank you so much for this picture,it gives to me so much to think and dream about.
With endless sympathy and admiration,always yours,Paul Alexandru Cazacliu

eolake said...

"Does the tape help that carpet photo?"

Funny, I was about to ask that myself.

Not sure, but I suspect without the tape and the edges, it may become too simple and boring.

bert said...

About the carpet photo, if you crop off the tip of the rolls, and rotate the image 90 degrees, it becomes something very different! ;-)

eolake said...

What does it become?

bert said...

My 1st impression was a pile of towels that, somehow, didn't make sense...

Alex said...

Okay, I've got to get my transparency scanner up and running. Your "towels that don' make sense" triggered a memory of a picture I took of a hose bed in an old early 60's LaFrance. Removing all reference to the truck itself, you are left with an interesting texture.

Joe Dick said...

That one dude doesn't look like he wants his picture taken.