Monday, November 26, 2007

P.O blues

Dang, my new Canon pocket cam (see below) should have been delivered last Wednesday, but the local P.O. has trouble.

It seems they have decided to radically reorganize how parcel delivery is done. Probably for good reason, but they decided to do this 1: soon after an "industrial action" (a.k.a. a strike) and 2: a few weeks before Christmas. Result: total chaos. Good choice there. :)

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Alex said...

The writing was on the wall back in the early 90's. There were clear branding splits on the GPO of the order that we had seen on the railways and power companies just a few years earlier.

The parcel service became Parcel Force. PO Counters became the operating name of the post offices themselves and the delivery vans kept the traditional livery. It seemed that Maggie/Major were getting ready to privatize the post office.

Whatever happened?