Saturday, June 30, 2007

Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak helps ring in the iPhone. (Oh no, I've caught the punning bug.)

It's funny how legendary Woz still is, considering he has not been working for Apple for nearly three decades.
I bought his book, "iWoz". I was surprised to find it is not a very good book, I read only about half of it. It's not well written, and he goes on about a lot of things I don't find interesting. For instance, for some reason he seems very proud of the fact that he made those dial-a-joke things in the seventies.

Some people think he invented the Macintosh, but he had a plane crash which put him out of commission before that.

I'm not putting down Woz, he was one of the most brilliant computer engineers of his time, and the PC revolution would have been different, and probably much poorer without him.


Anonymous said...

Woz was (and still is) the hero of Apple ][ users. When the Macintosh was introduced in 1984 many saw that the reason it was so closed in its architecture was because Woz was no longer involved.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Woz was first in line at the Santa Clara Apple Store, choosing to buy his iPhone like everyone else, rather than waiting for Saturday to get the free one Steve had promised him.

Apple Insider has photos. Check out the text on his T-shirt: "The Line Starts Here". LOL!

Anonymous said...

In a recent interview Woz tells how he has been putting stickers on bathrooms on aircrafts that say: "Danger: Do Not Flush Over Cities." :-))) A true hacker. No two words about it.