Friday, May 04, 2007

Whose Computer Is It?

Walt Mossber column: Whose Computer Is It?.
See, that is one of the most important reason I've stuck with Apple since the mid-nineties: apart from better usability, Apple works for customers, not sponsors or middlemen. Apple respects the customer.


Gandalfe said...

And Walt Mossberg is 'the man'! I read him regularly.

Pascal said...

Invasion of privacy, that's what it is. Things with much advertizing in them should be:
1-coming with a fair advisory.
2-distributed freely, since advertizers already paid the expenditures.

So, the OS should be coming free. Like Linux does. :-P

Not only are the best things in life free, but sometimes the worst things turn out to be the most expensive!

ttl said...

I have no problem with someone asking money for hir writings.

Sure, I, too, use GNU/Linux all the time. But it's a copycat effort. Maybe if the GNU project and Mr. Torvalds actually came up with ideas of their own they would hold it in greater value.

Regarding the original post, note that it's Sony who is putting all the advertising in the computer, not Microsoft.