Thursday, May 24, 2007

New super-sensitive chip coming up

New super-sensitive chip coming up.

I almost put a question mark after that, because in my experience, when we hear about technologies not on the market yet, it's really not worth it to hold your breath waiting for them!

But if it arrives soon, especially in real cameras, it sounds really great.

And if it also has a much wider dynamic range (tolerance for contrast), then it's excellent. (Of course it will need to be competitive with current chips in image quality, speed, etc.)

In fact this is one of the reasons for my bitter comment in paragraph two: back in 2000, I read with excitement about a chip coming up which would radically increase the dynamic range of digital cameras. Well, where is it now? Huh? Huh? Huh? :)


ttl said...

Reading the title of your post, "New super-sensitive chip coming up", I went: Whaaaat? Since when has there been a 'sensitivity' issue with micro processors? Is this some kind of a new way to save current?

Of course, I soon found out that you were talking about a sensor chip, which, I guess, proves that one man's light is another man's data.

Similarly, I assume if Beavis & Butthead had been reading your post they might have wandered: "Who cares how sensitive your Nachos are? This guy is a wuss!" :-)))

Anyway, cool invention. Looks like we can soon say goodbuy to on-camera flash.

eolake said...

Hehe. Yeah, me, I'm always looking for the light.

BlankPhotog said...

I think that other chip was the Foveon sensor, which has been adopted by Sony and a few other manufacturers. However, the CCD and CMOS of the big'uns also advanced in the time it took to bring Foveon to market, and now they all look IMHO about the same. Possible the same thing will happen here; and I say hip hip hooray to that. :)

ttl said...

If you are looking to emit light, rather than sense it, equally impressive developments are happening.

Sony has just announced the world's first flexible, full-color OLED display built on organic thin-film transistor (TFT) technology. There's a demo video at YouTube.

Rosabel believe.

eolake said...

Go to sleep, Jackson.

Pascal said...

Shoot the OLED to me, Malcolm!
I want one. I want a whole TV screen!!!