Friday, January 05, 2007

Steel wall

I was a little in doubt if I could make worthwhile pictures with a fisheye lens, if I could fit subtle artistic values into the overbearing effect such a lens has. But I have proved it at least to my own satisfaction with this picture from today, I like it a lot.

posted by Eolake Stobblehouse @ Friday, January 05, 2007   3 comments links to this post


At 5 Jan 2007, 20:10:00, Blogger Gen said...

Very impressive indeed. The building looks like a living creature, it seems to breathe.

At 5 Jan 2007, 20:21:00, Anonymous ttl said...

Nice bulge. How big does it get? :-)

Great photo. It never occurred to me that fisheye could be used like this. Thanks for another interesting lesson.

At 6 Jan 2007, 16:25:00, Anonymous Pascal said...

It may be made of steel, but that wall looks just about ready to burst!
I'd steer clear from it if I were you, Eolake. Art can wait.


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