Saturday, July 01, 2006

Found objects

I forget who observed this, but: everything anybody desires is a found object. Nobody every desires anything before they have seen it.
This is interesting to the artist: you don't have to fit your art into what you, or people, expect, because don't know what they desire before they see it.

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At 2 Jul 2006, 09:46:00, Anonymous Ronald said...

This is nice, and rings very true.
Quite possibly for other things than art, too.

At 4 Jul 2006, 06:11:00, Anonymous MAC said...

>don't know what they desire before they see it.

Is it possible that you can create something that is desired before it's seen?

I vote yes.


At 4 Jul 2006, 12:57:00, Blogger eolake said...

How can they desire it before they see it?
If you say "desirable" instead, then yes.


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