Saturday, May 27, 2006


Gemma Gariel is a hugely talented painter and musician.
Se her collaboration with me here.
And go get her music.
Gemma has given me permission to post here, for free, my favorite song of hers: Serenade Me, My Little Blue Angel.
(Alternative: get it as a zip file.)
Email Gemma.


Other Nine Network said...


It's such a beautiful song! Thank you for making the download available.

And I love what Gemma has done with the photos. Especially the Jenny photos, published by you in what I think were your 193rd and 206th collections at Domai.

I was a bit surprised to see them attributed to you, as the original pictures say that Martin Krake shot them. But no matter. Is Martin Krake your alias? ;)

Hoping you are well,


eolake said...

No, I have also photographed Jenny/Marketa, see:

Other Nine Network said...


I see, now! =)

Test said...

Beautiful Song