Friday, December 30, 2005

New photos page

Here are the rest of the hometown photos. Go to stobblehouse home page and go to
Karrebæksminde Deux medium - large
(select medium or large images).
As you can see from the large images especially, the quality is pretty amazing from a camera you can have in your breast pocket. The Fujifilm F10 especially has much better low-light capabilities than other compact digicams. If the performance of this chip will spread to other cameras, big and small, it will change the field.

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At 31 Dec 2005, 08:57:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Eolake, for this nice new years gift of 20 photos of beautiful women.

At 31 Dec 2005, 09:01:00, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I meant the ones here, not the ones you linked to.

At 31 Dec 2005, 18:52:00, Blogger Zeppellina said...

It is Hogmanay tonight, so I wish you a wonderful evening.

I will give you my New Year wishes on Ne`erday.

Have a wonderful evening Eolake.

Zep. x

At 31 Dec 2005, 19:59:00, Blogger Rajan Krishnan said...

Thanks Eolake.
This is my first blog responding.
Ah, that to a dirty old man.
No, you must be a decent old man, though maybe a bit mushy and cloudy at the head.
Many people call me too, the same.
So many good wishes for a happy 2006.

Rajan Krishnan

At 2 Jan 2006, 17:38:00, Blogger Zeppellina said...

What amazing photographs, Eolake.

They are all quite magnificent, but I love the picture of the Broadwalk, the Bridge with the Ship, and the Beach.

The motion and pattern of the waves are extremely hypnotic and quite soothing.
I could look at that photograph for hours.

You are an excellent photographer.


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