Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sony A7III

This is a fun talk about a new advanced Sony camera, if you like professional cameras.
It’s remarkable what you can get now for two grand. I think the mirrorless cameras are pulling way ahead of Canon and Nikon’s old DSLR systems now.

Notice especially the eye-following autofocus system (at about ten minutes into the video), that is amazing.
And the night-shooting abitlites are outstanding. (Partly a side-effect of the large sensor.)

I’ll admit though that for my use, street photography, this kind of camera (full frame) is too big and heavy, especially the lenses. I think only a pro, and a young and strong one, will want to use such gear for any length of time.


David Evans said...

I've been thinking about this camera ever since it came out. It looks amazing. But it could never replace my Lumix GX8 with its 100-400mm lens for wildlife photography, so I would end up with 2 incompatible lens systems.
In the end I decided to get a macro lens for the GX8, which will probably add more to my photographic repertoire. And be very much cheaper.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

... And lighter.

I too prefer the MFT system. And sensors are only getting better.

And indeed tele lenses for full frame are ridiculous.