Friday, February 16, 2018

Image quality is quantity

I’ve had an insight: Sharpness, or more properly, resolution, how much detail a camera or lens can show, is normally regarded as “image quality”, but it really isn’t, it is QUANTITY. It is *how many details* you can show in one picture.

And quantity is impressive, especially to us males. We love big things. Which is pretty dumb, because that is not really important. Quality is more important. Quality is expression, communication.


Russ said...

Only photographers obsess about sharpness. When non-photographers view photographs in a fine art gallery, you never hear them say, "hmmmm, that photo could have been a bit sharper".

Eolake Stobblehouse said...


And I have obsessed quite a lot about sharpness. I’ve bought too many lenses.

Although at least with works from others I’ve been less so than some, for example when I was young, in an excellent photo club in Denmark, I presented a photo I liked of a girl on a bicycle, and a couple of the young members deriled it for not being sharp. And it wasn’t, but I still liked it.