Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Around the world on solar power!

It didn't happen fast or in one stop, but nevertheless a solar-powered manned airplane has made it all around the world!


Tommy said...
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Tommy said...

I've kind of been watching this and it's a truly amazing feat.

One thing to take of note however, there were probably no vampires on the plane..

David Evans said...

As regards manned flight, this is a dead-end technology. No-one will want to take an airline trip at 55 mph in a cramped seat with no toilet. The only way this aircraft could fly faster is to reduce the wing area, and then you also lose solar cell area and are no better off.

Its real importance is as a demonstrator for long-endurance unmanned platforms.

Joey Tribiani said...

@David Evans Probably no one would want to fly in a solar-powered commercial aircraft anyway, even if possible.