Wednesday, October 07, 2015

New grip I made (update: alternative surface, photo)

Some may not like the unusual form with the edge I gave the grip featured below (it was partly necessitated by the shaped of Olympus' embryonic grip-shape on the body). So I decided to update an earlier grip which worked great, but I was never happy with the look. It looks better now with the Skateboard Grip Sheet (Amazon), and it of course works even better too. (The grip that stuff has...)

I have actually made it on top of a pretty flat and useless grip I bought from Olympus, so in this case there's no doubt whatever that I can get it off again without remains.  :-)
Here is a grip/ridge I made for tablets before I found the SG sheet.

Also, to reiterate: Such a grip, if you have followed instructions about putting on Sugru, will not fall off in your hand. It's a cousin to super-glue, crazy strong. (Sugru tips.)
(btw, I have just modified the top to have a stippled, almost fuzzy, surface. It meshes better, and it hides the unevenesses which I had to give up removing totally.)

I must say, that in terms of pure grip functionality (if you don't count the big, integrated grips on the big SLRs) this is far better than any commercial grip I have tried.)

The camera before:

Below, alternative surface, made with light stippling with toothbrush. It makes it mesh better and hides unevennesses (which can be tricky to get rid of).

By the way, on both cameras, I have also put the Sheet on the little, flat thumbgrip on the backside. Makes it easier to find with your thumb, and improves the hold yet a little bit.

After it cured fully (24 hours), I tried to rip the grip off. Okay, not with my full strength, I am a quite big fella after all, but I couldn't budge it. There was not a hint that this was not there to stay.


emptyspaces said...

I'm going to get a packet of the stuff, just looks fun to play with!

Unknown said...

Where'd you get the skateboard grip sheets please Eolake? UK source I hope!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

ES: It's damn fun to play with.

U: Just Amazon!

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Amazon UK or USA, probably others too.

Limits to play fun: the price, and the fact that when it is set, it's done. So I find it more fun when you have some projects.
When I have something left of a mini-pack, I sometimes made a new coat-hook somewhere in the apartment. I use them for belts, shirts, earphones...

But there are a ton of ideas, just surf on

Joe Dick said...

That makes me go a big rubbery one.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Oh, thank you Joe!
(For newer readers, that's a strong compliment.)

btw, I have just modified the top to have a stippled, almost fuzzy, surface. It meshed much better, and it hides the unevenesses which I had to give up removing totally.

emptyspaces said...

Check out the Sugru on the first picture in this review:

Ming verifies he put it there for focus purposes down in the comment thread.