Sunday, August 09, 2015

Great Olympus offers

If you have considered the Micro Four Thirds system (and you really should, compact and top quality), then right now there are two amazing Olympus offers of next-newest models with kit lens:

The compact workhorse:
Olympus E-PL6
For only $269

And the amazing:
Olympus OM-D E-M5
for just $499

Both are dirt-cheap ways of getting a really good camera with standard zoom lens, and near-endless possibilities for expansion later with fancy lenses and such. And unlike five years ago, now speed and image quality is fully competitive with the big, heavy Canons and Nikons.


emptyspaces said...

Hard to believe that E-PL6 (with lens!) is so cheap. I am tempted to grab one as a second body at that price. That lens is decent for a kit lens, too, but I already have one.

I just switched to Olympus M43 after shooting with Canons forever - my whole kit (body + 5 lenses) fits into a small shoulder bag. I just love that. The image quality is truly competitive now, as you point out. I wouldn't have made the switch 5 years ago, but felt comfortable doing so now.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

ES, congratulations, that's really cool. There are many good cameras now, hardly any bad ones, but I really believe that Olympus and the MFT system is a top choice for all-round photography in pro quality.

Yeah, do grab that second body, this is a very capable camera for the price of a night in town. (Disregarding all those for whom $260 would cover the first half hour in town.)