Friday, May 29, 2015

Roost Laptop Stand | Free yourself from laptop neck pain

Do you get stiff neck or back trouble from tilting your head to look down at your laptop?
The Roost Stand is by far the best solution I've seen to this problem. And it's a beautiful piece of engineering.
You can get one here.
(I'm sorry to sound like an ad, but I just love this gadget. And it's unique, so I want it to stay around. I have tried debilitating neck pain from wrong computer use!)

Though it takes two seconds to mount a laptop, it does not fall off. 

Three different heights. Use external keyboard. 
... Though I currently rarely use a laptop, I am getting a Roost Stand now, to make sure I have one when I have the need. - Eolake


Unknown said...

Hi Eolake - Great blog on the Roost. Check out SproutUp: We are featuring Roost and some other really awesome emerging products. We're trying to build a community of tech influencers and enthusiasts.

Anonymous said...

That seems like more trouble than it's worth.