Sunday, April 05, 2015

"Shtuff People Say to Photographers"


Ken said...

Wedding or portrait photography can be an annoying career unless you reach the point where people are just happy to pay what you ask. Otherwise it seems that almost any model of charges doesn't seem to satisfy people. Except, the model of fixed fee for photos, put them all on CD and never see you again, but it isn't the way to make money. I expect that many people see photographers using that system, but don't like their photos, so want someone who produces good photos but charges the minimal rate.

Anyway, as a landscape photographer I've been told by people ho unfortunate it is that I'm out photographing in awful weather. What they don't realise is that mist is one way of giving that extra something to a photo.

Anonymous said...

That was way too long. Maybe you have to be a photographer to find that funny or whatever.