Tuesday, March 03, 2015

TruthFacts comics

Del wrote: Now you said, "If three ads don't work, twelve ads won't either!” Is that true? Because if it is then the world needs to move in another direction.

Just seems logical to me. If we take a dog, a teenager, or such simple-minded creature :-), and put down three different dishes in front of him, and he doesn't eat, it seem quite unlikely to change his mind to put down nine more dishes.

Click 4 big pic.

No joke. Especially on my iPad where there is no ad-blocking software, I've been marveling/seething recently at how the content is drowning  in ads. It doesn't even work, folks! If three ads don't work, twelve ads won't either! 

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Anonymous said...

I doubt I'll get an ipad if there's no ad block.