Sunday, February 08, 2015

"Everything Glows"

Music by Les Barker, sung by Genevieve Tudor.


Ian said...

That's fun. Sounds like something Tom Lehrer might have done. The singing voice sounds like someone whose name I cannot think of at the moment, but familiar.

Ian said...

Ahh! Julie Andrews was who I was thinking of.

thnidu said...
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thnidu said...

Have you ever heard Pete Seeger's song "Garbage"? Here are two YouTube videos: one recorded in concert with Arlo Guthrie (4:29), and another set to assorted appropriate visuals (3:32).

I grew up listening to the Weavers, and Pete Seeger has always been one of my saints. I've beens singing this song for years, but I've never heard this fourth verse.

(I forgot the second URL when I posted this the first time, and I couldn't edit it in, so I copied, deleted, then commented, pasted, and posted again.)