Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Photos of the unusual

46 Unusual Photos.

This is apparently from nature:

Glass melted in a fire: 

Carved eggshell: 

No, not a digital glitch, it's carved like that: 

Marlon Brando Before and After His Makeup Was Done for His Role in the Godfather
(I'm often amazed at what actors are permitting themselves to be made up to look like, given that most audiences will assume that "that's how he looks now!")

Cross-section of undersea cable. Dang. 


Codeburner said...

The first image could be pyrite cubes. They are fairly common.

Joe Dick said...

I never really thought about how old Brando would have been in that movie, I did just assume he must have looked like that by then. It was a pretty convincing effect, anyway, completely realistic.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Exactly. Must have been a genius makeup artist.
I'll bet virtually zero people who had not heard of the makeup or seen a recent photo guessed that this was not just how he looked.

Dustin Hoffman did something similar in the slightly abstract film version of Death Of A Salesman. I read a review: "Well, even Dustin is clearly getting older." But later I saw a docu showing them putting on makeup, false semi-baldness and such, to make him look twenty years older.