Sunday, December 28, 2014

Too many blogging problems...

I keep having all kinds of problems with Blogger. Time-outs, formatting problems, just bugs all over the place. And I've tried all the browsers and apps I have.
It's such a headache, maybe I'll just give it up.


Unknown said...

Don't leave us now!

TC [Girl] said...

Is this just w/your iPad that you're having these problems? And would you consider trying another blogging, say, WordPress or something like that? It would be a bummer to not have interesting things to ponder, that you post, Eo... :-( Just saying'... I don't want to beg or nothin'... :-P

(and don't forget: "I'm not a robot!!" ;-) )

Bruce said...

Is there anything more you want to say? Is there anything more you want to learn? Are there other ways of expressing yourself to meet these goals and any other positives about blogging? Have you considered other media like Podcasts, Twitter, Tumblr, etc?

CalgaryMark said...

I echo TC's comments.

I also wondered if you have too much 'stuff' in Blogger so it is confused and overwhelmed, needing some to be archived (not removed!)

There are also newer vehicles like Wordpress that might take 'new' stuff, leaving what you have already done to sit and be accessed by those of us who go back and search for an old post from time to time.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thanks guys.

Well, that's part of it, I'm moving through a long "existentialistic" crisis where I'm less certain about things, and often less interested. It's a long, deep process which I'm sure can only be for the good, but it's not easy.

My slacking interest also seems to be mirrored by the same by many readers, or at least commentators. Most of those who used to be very active have gone away for various reasons, and nobody seem to replace them.
(Not that I blame them if the blog has become less frequent and less original.)

Thing is, I really like the company and communication. Like Aniko once said, coming here was like coming to your local hang-out café.
(And Twitter and Facebook can't replace it, they are so superficial, and confusing.)

I can't deny I'm hard to help, because the main conflict in internal in myself. (And I think mirrored in the weird technical problems I'm having.)

strum the sky said...

Yes... And yet, and yet... It's that "yet" I stumble on, perhaps the reason I stumble on. I keep coming here just to check up on the kinds of things that keep me going. We both (and this community) have curiosity (and never before has it been so fed, ergo "stuffed") and are passionate about things others would call "quirky." I'm way older than you, Eo, so take what I say with a pastille of salt, but your visible work has been good for what ails me, all these years, in all venues. Still with you, struggling too, cheering for you, cheering you on...

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Thank you, Strum, appreciated.

Quirky, yes.

Monsieur Beep! said...

we like to call in from time to time. for this is still a quite civilized place.
while eg fb, where we entertain a regularly fed stream too (mostly photos) is, well, often pretty vulgar. especially in the comments sections of mainsteam posters.

Wait until tomorrow, and blogspot will be better than ever.

(:-) Greetings