Wednesday, May 14, 2014


[Warning, cartoon sex and violence.]
Believe it or not, this is an actual Danish political campaign to get young voters to vote.
(Seems it's been discontinued, though, got too many complaints after all.)

There are limits, but Danes are still one of the most laid-back and progressive peoples on Earth. Some years ago, in a nice mall in a upscale area, I walked into a computer store and saw a promotional happening, promoting HP printers. It was a stark nude girl being body painted in the business-suit pattern which was used in HP ads. And a really cute one too. When I walked in, she was holding a tiny washcloth in front of her middle area, but when I walked by five minutes later, that was gone. (I'd only planned on spending three minutes in the store, but what the heck, some things must take priority.) To sum up: promo for one of the most conservative computer makers, in a high rent area, stark nude! Kewl.
She was being photographed by a pro. And a middle-aged guy was standing by with his small camera, arguing with the model: "How come *he* gets to take pictures, and I may not?!"


Ken said...

They've now discontinued it. I loved it, they didn't. I don't think people recognise humour.Nobody is going to decapitate you because you didn't vote. Yes, really.

Kelly Trimble said...

Ah, but I think there may be some places where they decapitate you if you DO vote !