Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A man and his path

[Thanks to Igor]


Kelly Trimble said...

Sort of pointlessly poetic. Reminds me of some of my relatives in Arkansas.

Apparently this film was uploaded as being Russian Language, so the YouTube links that came up when it was done were all Russian language as well. I clicked on one called Cool Zero-about six hours long, but really interesting. I probably didn't understand more than every third word, if that, but it was still thought provoking. Right now we are sort of watching what is happening in Ukrane (though in the US we are distracted by the Malaysian airliner and other pointless stuff) and we are fearing a war in eastern Europe, and I am wondering why folks in western Europe aren't totally freaked out about it, and we are all marveling how the Russian state has failed and become a mobster paradise and needs to be contained again and so on. I watched Cool Zero and wondered if maybe this is the most critical time in Russia's history. Right now Russia, as a culture, is trying to work out what its purpose is on this planet and what it is going to be as a country and a people. I know everybody has been predicting this to be a Chinese century, but I am wondering if Russia is also on the verge of greatness or oblivion--it could be a Russian century, maybe.

Everybody here can't stop talking about what a piece of shit Putin is for letting the oligarchs and mobsters rob everything, and Cool Zero is making that presentation too, but I watched some of the Putin interviews spread over the six hours and I am getting a picture of a guy walking a rightrope, a 'razor's edge' of a tightrope, guiding his country, people, and culture through a very interesting transition, and nobody over here is talking about that. They are just talking about what a Piece of shit Putin is. I am not saying I am a fan of Putin, and I don't know if I ageree with how he is running things over there, but tCool Zero got me thinking about it a little bit.

But I'm in the middle of the United States. Yesterday was tax filing day and I haven't filed yet, so I really should be thinking of more important things.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Always glad to help with procrastination. :-)