Friday, November 01, 2013

Will cyber-communting finally take off?

How Working Remotely Changed My Life, article.

Back in the nineties, I would have thought that by now, over half of all office workers would be working from home, or at least remotely (might be from a nearby small office). But nooooo. I think it's mostly a matter of trust. But from what I hear, office workers in offices uses minimal time actually working anyway. And if you can't see if anybody is producing anything, what's the use?


Bruce W. said...

The biggest complaint I hear from those who work at home is the lack of casual social interaction. Although the article recognizes this and makes some coping suggestions, I'm not sure how well they work for most people. There is something about an unexpected and unplanned meeting in the hallway and chatting that is hard to replace.

Eolake Stobblehouse said...

Admittedly yes.
I looove working from home. Getting up when I want and not sitting in traffic. But I do miss having colleagues around.

Anonymous said...

"office workers ... use minimal time actually working ... "
Just for the sport: I wonder how working from home would impact BUREAUCRATS.

CalgaryMark said...

To Anonymous: During the Calgary Flood on June 19 / 20 this year, the basement of the Calgary Municipal Building was flooded so the whole building was out of action, plus the 7-storey underground parking garage (still out of action). I don't have much contact but I did have calls from people working from home. It seems they rose to the challenge and continued with as much normality as possible in those disastrous circumstances (there are still businesses and many hundreds of people out of their own homes).