Thursday, November 28, 2013

A toy amongst beasts

This could be expanded. If somebody were really clever and had the funding, I guess a small tree-climbing remote-controlled camera box could film abes in trees. It would have to be damn strong though, and able to hold on strong, those things have each the strength of ten men (I wonder how, they must have a different kind of muscles). And it should perhaps be camouflaged, and move very slowly, so they get used to it.

But what an engineering challenge! Even without any big animals around, making a good tree-climbing robot is a tall order. I doubt anybody has made anything like it yet.


Erik said...

I love it! What a great concept. It expands man's working repertoire of tools/toys.

Anonymous said...

Amazing video, but wish they would not have destroyed it so soon. Possibly they could put a shocking system on it with little prods sticking out that would give a little buzz or shock to the beast that touches it. Possibly a sounding alarm with remote controlled would help also. Or a pressurized gas of some kind that could also be released remotely that would deter the beasts. Don't know how these would work. Just thinking. Likely many other possibilities exit