Saturday, July 06, 2013

Sensor size graphic

For future reference if nothing else.

This graphic is larger than life. (Micro Four Thirds is 13.5x18mm, and Full Frame is like the old negative size 24x36mm.)
Which shows how much sharper sensors can be made than film normally was. (Many phone cameras have even smaller sensors than the smallest here.) The smallest successful film format was the Instamatic 110 casettes (the small, flat cameras). The negative was 13x17 mm, which made for very poor image quality if you tried to go above the 4x5-inch standard prints. Attempts at even smaller formats (Kodak Disc!) were too horrible even for casual snapshooters, and failed. And yet the "1/2.3" size (I swear they use these terms just to hide facts) is only 5x6mm and can give great results! (If the light and lens is good.)

Here's a 2013 article about what sensor size matter. 

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