Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Self-publishing is the future — and great for writers

[Thanks to Bert]

Self-publishing is the future — and great for writers, article.
The only sampling bias is that these writers responded to a thread I started titled: “The Self Published Authors I Want to Hear From.” I wanted to know how many forum members were making $100 to $500 a month. My suspicion was that it was more than any of us realized. Every response I received started with a variation of: “I’m actually making a lot more than that.”

I've long had a feeling that self-publishing made more sense than the traditional route. And after ebooks came around for real, this is ten times more so.

Of course it still takes work and talent to become a success. But digitisation  if it has done anything, has levelled the playing field. And the only ones who don't benefit from a more level playing field are those who occupied the scarce high ground!


Anonymous said...

Self publishing is the way to go. If you're a moron.

Unknown said...

The Psy phenomenon on YouTube has confirmed once and for all that self publishing has leveled the playing field. No longer will artists in all genres have to suck up to record companies, book publishers, art galleries, bar owners, or anyone else who has the authority to decide if your art has value according to an economic model. Art can succeed on its own. Free at last.

Anonymous said...

According to Psy he's yet to see a dime from that.

Besides, the problem is that you've got to do yourself all the stuff that a publishing or record company would do. People who are all for self publishing are idiots. People who think the only reason they haven't been able to make it as a writer or a musician is because of some conspiracy - they think "Hey, self-publishing! That's the ticket!" But no, it isn't.