Monday, June 24, 2013

MIke's book review

It had been a while, but I just checked into The Online Photographer to see if he had comments on the new Leica. Instead, what did I find right at the top: a surprising review of a book I had sent Mike a few years ago, The Trick to Money Is Having Some. (... UK link.)

It turns out that despite that book being rather, oddball and new-agey, it has actually helped Mike just like it did for me. And I'm delighted, this was of course the reason I gifted him the book in the first place, I thought he didn't deserve to struggle so, being an unusually intelligent and talented writer.

Because it's easy to see the book as being a bit...obtuse; addled; New Agey...not entirely logical, is what I'm trying to say.
What did I have to lose? A few hours' reading time. So I read the book. The whole thing.
...And it instantly had an effect on my bank account. Because, specifically following the book's advice, I gritted my teeth and stuck what I thought were some ridiculously, absurdly high prices on some services I'd been offering. And almost instantaneously, those services started selling for those ridiculously high prices. Customers materialized out of nowhere. And commenced mailing me checks.

Nothing in this world works all the time, or for everybody. It's not that kind of world, you may have noticed! But some things do it often enough that it's worth it to take a look.

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