Monday, May 13, 2013

Space Oddity, from space

I guess no comments needed.

Except mayby Berts:

Chris Hadfield, the Canadian who has been commander of the International Space Station for the past several month passed command to a Russian astronaut yesterday in preparation for his return to Earth today, after 146 days in space.

Aside from all the usual "astronauty" biz, he has undoubtedly been the best communicator ever in the space circle. By the way, he's that guy who was wringing a wet towel in the video I sent you earlier. 750 000 Twitter followers got some 4900 messages relating his odyssey. Maintained an equally popular mission blog, and built an audience of 236 000 Facebook admirers. Plus many videos of quirky experiments requested by his fans!

But this last bit takes the cake, you have got to watch this! As a final farewell message, he managed to record a cover of Bowie's Space Oddity, in the most appropriate environment possible for that music clip, nothing less than the ISS! And it's really not that bad.

The guy wows me.


7tulips said...

I am speechless!

7tulips said...
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Anonymous said...

Excellent rendition, I prefer it to the David Bowie version.

Dave Nielsen said...

I liked it, but let's not get nuts, Anonymous.