Thursday, January 31, 2013

MJ on Cheap Criticism

Cheap Criticism, article.
...hating or criticizing everything was safe because it meant you don't have to take a stand. Liking something means you are opening yourself up; if nothing is good enough for you it's another way of saying you're superior to everything. Very smug, very snug.

(Damn that's good.)


Dave Nielsen said...

(Damn that's good.)

Not really. Sure, if you're like Comic Book Guy and don't like anything it could be seen that way, but a lot of people believe this if a person criticizes something even if they've also said good things about it. For example I'm highly critical of the recent Hobbit movie, but there are also a lot of things I liked about it.

Taking the stand of the person you quoted is a defence mechanism many people use to avoid having to respond even valid criticism. If they can think that way, then they're able to just dismiss any criticism while at the same time usually accepting any positive comments.

Anonymous said...

no comment.