Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fujifilm X20, a modern classic camera

Fujifilm X20 Hands-On Preview, article.

Fuji has made a new version of the much-beloved (by me and many others) X10 camera.
It seems to be a really good update, there is now full information even in the quality optical viewfinder (this is really rare, almost unique), and according to Fuji there are significant improvements to both operation (AF etc) speed and image quality (the sensor is really good and big compared to most compacts). And the X10 did not suck at either. (We'll see soon if tests will support these claims.)
Oh, and you now can get it in a silver version, I tend to like those a lot.

I won't lie, I have the hots for this camera. It is a lot of camera in a small, beautiful, and reasonably-priced package.
Not the least, beautiful. If you like the look and feel of classic film cameras, it's hard to find something which is as nice as this, and certainly not for only six hunnert bucks.

I'd say the main argument against this camera is the amazing Sony RX100, which has similar quality but is really pocket-sized (despite an even bigger sensor). Though that camera, for the same reason, is more fiddly, and does not have the same beauty and real-camera feel.

The lens is really good, and unusually fast for a zoom. And it has a manual twist-zoom function on the lens itself, much better than the tiny lever on most compact cameras (including the RX100). 

Info in the optical viewfinder: 

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