Monday, December 24, 2012

Improved rental

Oh, durnit! Fooled by incomplete information! In the Video app on my iPad it said "29 days left" on the top. But apparently that's only the deadline one has to *start* the movie. Worse, when I clicked Start, I was told that I didn't even have 48 hours to finish it, but only 24. It seems 48 is only in the UK. It's crazy.
(iTunes on Mac has a tiny note about these times, but the iTunes app on iPad shows no clue about the draconian deadline when you're about to rent.)

Again, I really don't see what they have to loose by giving us a month! It's not like they need a tape or disc back to rent it to somebody else. And I think that many would rent more movies if they have less stress about whether they can finish it in time.

Wow! Proof that Apple listens to me! I complained some months ago how 24 hours for an online movie rental was much too little and that 48 hours, while better, was not all that great either, and I didn't see any downside if they would just go whole hog and give a full month to the rental period.

Today I tested a rental from the US iTunes store, and lo and behold, it's 30 days now! Cool, this makes it much more useful for the many of us in the Internet age with minuscule attention spans, who jump around between tasks like frogs on a hot tarmac.

And it's really not that many movies I want to keep on disk. These days the offerings and consumption is simply much too great, not like the eighties when you might watch a movie or two a week. And if I really want to watch it more than once, even three times rental is less than the price of buying it.
It's a downside though if you like the DVD extras. They ought to append those.

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