Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Ming Thein photo blog, again

Just re-found a great photo blog: Ming Thein.
Excellent pictures, and interesting articles about images and cameras, not the least, high-quality compacts.
I found via googling a lens. First thought: Bert would like this. And of course, checking up, Bert already told me about it long ago!

Ming has skill, for example he took a bunch of great pictures just testing the new Olympus ultra-small 15mm F:8.0 lens:

Look at this likkle fokker. Must be the thinnest exchangeable lens ever. (The inner ring is not even part of it, it is just the camera's lens mount!)
It's only a hunnert bucks, and better than you'd think such a small and cheap lens could be. (One of Ming's commenters says it's better than his old Nikon 24mm lens, from which he has sold many images.)

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