Thursday, September 06, 2012

Fujifilm’s New X-E1 Is A Smaller X-Pro1

Fujifilm’s New X-E1 Is A Smaller X-Pro1, article.
Update: better article here.

And much cheaper too. Both things welcome, because the X-Pro1 is pretty big and not exactly cheap!
And this new camera has the same image quality as the X-Pro1, which has gotten top-top marks everywhere, it's said to be in league with the Leica M9 (which of course is way, way more expensive yet).

I really don't know if I'd have use for this one, but it's cool because it's solid proof that mirrorless cameras have grown up for real, they are no longer just for weekend hobbyists.

The X-E1 will surely lose a biggish portion of the high-end market though, those who seriously love an optical viewfinder and Leica. This no longer looks or feels like a classic rangefinder camera.

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